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Incorporating the Functions of the Intellectual Property Headquarters and the Technology Licensing Organization (TLO)
- Promoting strong collaboration with the business community by providing a one-stop service -

The Nihon University Business, Research and Intellectual Property Center (NUBIC) was one of the first TLOs to be officially recognized in Japan. Since we started operating as a TLO, we have been working closely with public sector organizations, related local governments and the TLOs of other universities, while consolidating our academic base both inside and outside the university. Also, we have promoted the adoption of academic and technical ideas, which we call seeds, in many areas of industry.As a result, we were selected as an organization that is recognized as a "Technology Licensing Organization Focused on a Specific Area" (known as a Super TLO) by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry (METI) in 2004.
NUBIC provides a one-stop service" by taking full advantage of our having two functions, namely, Intellectual Property Headquarters and Technology Licensing Organization (TLO). Our purpose is to take on new challenges in